Trux High Spec Bull A-Bars

Bull-Bars A-Bars and EU Approved Bars

Our A-Bars or bull bars as they are sometimes known are custom made to suit each make and model of 4x4. The bars are crafted from hand polished T304 Stainless Steel for a high quality look that enhances the appearance of your vehicle and provides a mounting point for extra lighting.

All our A-Bars come complete with fitting instructions and all nuts, bolts and brackets for simple DIY installation on your 4x4.

Trux High Spec Rear Towing Bumper Bars

Rear Bumper Bars Including Tow Step Chrome and Black Finish

Trux towing rear bars we make are made from high grade T304 stainless steel tubing which are fitted with a high grip step pad so the bars can be used to access the pick-up bed of the vehicle. Rear bars or bumper bars as they are sometimes called give your 4x4 not only an added step but protection to the rear of the vehicle without compromising on style.

All the rear bars we supply come complete with all the bolts and fittings required for an easy DIY installation and all the brackets are powder coated for a longer life. Trux towing rear bars are made entirely from stainless steel.

Trux High Spec 4x4 Spoiler Bars

Front Lower Pickup Spoiler Bars Stainless or Black

Trux spoiler bars are a great addition to any 4x4 giving you best product in practical styling.

Trux spoiler bars have fully welded and machined ends which gives a more stylish elegant look. These are specifically made for your 4x4 or pick-up truck.

Trux High Spec Black and Stainless steel Roll Bars

Stainless Steel and Black Coated Sports Roll Bars

Trux roll bars are made with a three inch diameter hand polished stainless steel tubing and come in two styles. All the roll bars we supply are top rail mounted which makes them bed liner compatible and allow the whole bed space to be utilised.

Trux roll bars provide extra mounting points for spotlights and are available with a single or double hoop finish and are hand polished to a chrome like mirror finish.

Trux High Spec Side Steps

High Quality Tailored Fit Trux 4x4 Side Steps

Trux side steps that we supply come in a variety of styles which all have a high grip surface to provide easier access to your 4x4. Manufactured from quality materials they are stylish, durable and made to last with all brackets black powder coated for extra longevity.

Trux side steps are custom made and tailored to the specifications of each vehicle model. Side Steps come with all the brackets and fixings for a simple DIY fitting as they attach to the existing mounting points on your 4x4 or pick-up truck.

Trux High Spec Side Bars

Stainless Steel Side Runner Tubes and Side Bars

Trux side bars are a great looking feature to your 4x4 which adds protection to the side of your 4x4 by preventing dents and scrapes from other discourteous car park users. With all our side bars being customised to the vehicles make and model the bars are designed to enhance and complement the look and shape of your 4x4.

Trux side bars are manufactured from hand polished stainless steel for a long lasting stylish finish which is strong and durable making them the ideal addition to protect your vehicle without compromising on looks. Trux side bars are hand polished to a mirror finish which is sure to turn heads.

Trux High Spec Oval Side Bars

Stainless Steel High Quality Oval Side Bars

This design of side bar incorporates a high grip step insert into the top of the bar to provide a secure footing when using the bars to gain access to the vehicle. The bars like our other side bars are designed specifically for your make and model of vehicle to accentuate the look and compliment the shape of your 4x4.

This type of side bar is a key addition to aid access and provide protection to your vehicle. As with all our products the fixings and instructions are supplied to aid in a speedy fitting.

Trux High Spec Steel Chrome Light Guards Protector sets

Stainless Steel and Chrome Front and Rear Light Guards

Trux light guards are specifically designed for each vehicle for a secure fitting and both front and rear light guard sets are available to give total protection to the lights of your 4x4. Replacing headlights can be a very costly process therefore these guards give you total piece of mind by protecting your lights from chips and cracks and adding an individual look to your 4x4.

Trux High Spec Quad full set smoked tinted Wind Deflectors

Front Pair or Quad Set Wind Deflectors

Wind deflectors assist with fresh air circulation, which both reduces window fogging during wet conditions and helps to reduce the build up of heat in the vehicle. The wind deflectors also enable you to let air into the vehicle without producing wind noise and extra drag causing an increase in fuel consumption.

All Trux wind deflectors are easy to fit, custom made to the vehicle type and manufactured from a transparent smoked finish acrylic. Our wind deflectors are compatible with electric windows.

Trux High Spec Bed Liners including Aeroklas, Proform, Hero, Mountain top, Samson

Over Rail and Under Rail Pickup Load Bed Liners

Trux load bed liners are custom moulded to the shape of your pick-up truck bed these are the most snugly fit bed liners available. The uniquely ribbed design of the Trux bed liner means items that are loaded into the bed are prevented from sliding around and allows air to circulate in the truck bed. Bed liners are available in over rail and under rail styles and protect the bed, rails and tailgate from being damaged.

Trux bed liners should not be confused with the brittle fibre glass models which are often cracked, shattered and faded in appearance after a short period of use. Only Trux pick-up bed liners have a lifetime guarantee

Trux High Spec Alloy Wheels

Trux branded Pickup and SUV Alloy Wheels

Our alloy wheels come in a variety of styles and sizes and are uniquely crafted to supply a beautiful head turning finish. With fitted centre caps and an outstanding high quality gloss finish all Trux alloy wheels are a must have accessory that will make everyone who see's them envious.

Trux High Spec Full Boxes

Alpha Truck Top SCR Trux Full Box Canopy Top

Trux fullboxes are strong, reliable, durable and extremely stylish with integrated side rails and moulded fins making these tonneau covers very desirable. The built in drainage system channels water away from the tailgate of the pick-up to ensure the cargo remains dry.

Powerful twin gas rams make Trux fullboxes easy to open and close and they are lockable making your valuables safe and secure. With styling bars, roof spoiler with integrated light and a lined interior with an integrated light, this is the cover to beat all others.

Trux High Spec vehicle and canopy truck top Roof Bars

Trux Canopy and vehicle Lockable Roof Bars

Our roof bars are manufactured from high quality aluminium and have an integrated top rubber strip to stop loads from sliding around and being scuffed during transit. The bars are simple to install and remove and have an anti theft locking system to ensure no one takes off the bars except from you.

Trux roof bars have a load capacity of 80kg and are not universal so they are guaranteed to be the best fit. They require no drilling to fit and come complete as a pair with an assembly kit for easy fitting.